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28th Georgia, Company G / 123rd New York, Company D
Volunteer Infantry

Member of the Georgia Division Reenactors Association, Inc.


Revision: January 18, 2009


A. The name of this unit is 28th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Co. G/123rd New York Volunteer Infantry, Co. D - Nickname: "Freeman Guards" (hereafter known as "the Unit")

B. All individuals who join the Unit will be willing to serve together in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

C. The members will function as one unit in the field when appropriate and at the discretion of the Commanding Officer(s).

D. We will not discriminate. There is a place for everyone to participate in the historical re-enactment of this Unit and the time period we wish as a majority to portray.


A. To reflect the highest standards of the American Civil War re-enactment services and to historically portray authenticity in the conduct, dress, grooming and equipment of all members of the Unit.

B. To provide an educational outlet, not only for fellow members, but for the general public, as well.

C. To work with other Civil War re-enactment Units and organizations to help further this education.

D. To portray, to the best of our ability, the Unit we recognize as our own.


A. The Unit will be commanded by no less than the rank of 1st Sgt unless appointed by senior Unit Commander.

B. The Unit will be governed as a Democracy under the principle of "one man, one vote."

C. ‘Rifles’ and musicians will make up the governing body of the Unit. Minor child(ren) and spouses will be classified as dependents, and will not have voting rights.

D. The governing body of the Unit will have the power to promote or demote any person or rank at any time it feels necessary.

E. The Company Commander will have the power to promote or demote any person or rank at anytime he feels necessary, but only after presenting his recommendation or grievance to a majority of the Unit and receiving approval of the majority. This will also apply to the dismissal of any member, dependent, or sponsored civilian from the Unit for whatever reason.


A. Officers in the Unit will consist of the following:

  1. Captain (Company Commander)
  2. Lieutenant
  3. 1st Sergeant
  4. 2nd Sergeant
  5. 1st Corporal
  6. 2nd Corporal

B. All Officers will be elected by a majority (50% + 1 vote) of the unit. Decision making criteria should be on the individual's attitude, participation, and demonstrated leadership capabilities.

C. The Captain and Lieutenant positions will be held for two years. All sergeant and Corporal positions will be held for one year.

D. In the event that the Captain is unable to complete his term, the Lieutenant will assume the Company Commander's position but will continue to hold his Lieutenant's rank until the company meeting in January. If the Lieutenant is unable to complete his term, the position will remain vacant until the company meeting in January. At the January meeting, the vacant position will be filled for a two-year term.

E. The Senior Officer will answer "Officer’s Call" unless he appoints a lesser ranking Officer to do so.

F. All Officers will be under probation for the course of their term.

G. The presiding Company Commander will cast the deciding vote in any deadlock situations.


A. An annual meeting will be held in January at a time and place to be announced by the Unit Commander. The primary purpose of this meeting is the election of unit officers and the establishment of events the unit will participate in for the year.

B. Additional meetings can be called at any time by the Unit Commander or any other member wishing to conduct Unit business as long as there is sufficient notice to all members.


A. All individuals applying for membership in the Unit will be voted on with a simple majority decision of the members present All new members will be on probation for six months. During the first ninety days of the probation period, the member will have limited voting rights and will not be allowed to vote on Officers, by-law changes, nor individuals requesting membership. This allows the new member to gain valuable experience before becoming involved in such critical decisions.

B. Any person of the female gender applying for military duty MUST provide full and complete documentation of a female having served in the original 28th Georgia, Co. G/123rd New York, Co. D, Volunteer Infantry AND be able to successfully and completely disguise her gender during the entire weekend of any given Event. Otherwise, they will be encouraged to join as a sponsored civilian. A sponsored civilian will be classified as any non-soldier who is not a dependent of a dues paying member. Civilians wanting to be sponsored by the unit, must make a request to the unit commander and be approved by the company's officers.

C. Family members are encouraged to participate in events in period attire. Period attire will not apply to camp visitors (family), although, visitors remaining in camp overnight will be required to be in period attire.

D. Every effort will be made for EVERYONE to be in period attire beginning early Saturday morning and remaining so throughout the event. An exception can be made so that the ladies will be as comfortable as possible AFTER public hours.

E. No member of this Unit shall approach a member, or potential member, of another Unit with the intentions of recruitment. Also, any non-member suspected of trying to recruit a member of the unit should be reported to the company commander.

F. Individuals applying for membership must be 16 years of age (or, at least 15 with parent or legal guardian membership, then subject to Event Host Regulations) to be allowed to "carry" a musket.

G. Individuals under the age of 15, applying for membership, MUST have a parent (or a legal guardian) to join, also.

H. Individuals under the age of 15 will be encouraged to join as a musician, i.e., Drummer or Fifer.

I. "Runners" and "messengers" are discouraged and are subject to Event Host Regulations.


A. Unit dues are $10.00 for the first member of a household and $5.00 for each additional member. Dues are due in January.

B. Division dues are $7.50 and are due in January.

C. No company dues are to be levied on dependents or sponsored civilians, however sponsored civilians will be required to pay division dues.

D. Dues and any monetary gifts collected will be put in the Unit Treasury, to be maintained by the Company Commander or Treasurer.

E. Unit funds will be used for Unit business only.

F. No Unit funds are to be used for event pre-registration without prior approval by a majority vote of members present at a called meeting.


A. All members, dependents, and sponsored civilians will abide by these and GDRA, Inc. rules and regulations.

B. There will be no excessive consuming of alcoholic beverages during daylight hours nor any drunken behavior during public demonstrations of any kind.

C. No alcohol is to be consumed at least two hours prior to a battle or public demonstration. All alcohol WILL BE kept discreet from public view at all times.

D. All members will be required to participate in drill, from Brigade level down, at all events. Those on ‘sick call’ will be exempted from duty.

E. All members will perform enthusiastically and harmoniously with others, both on and off the field of battle.

F. All new members (non-veterans) will be placed on probation for a period of six months in order to make a reasonable acquisition of equipment and for conduct.

G. All new members (veterans) will as well be placed on six months probation for conduct.

H. There will be no treason in the ranks. Anyone accused and subsequently found guilty by a jury of his peers will be dismissed from the Unit.

I. There will be no derogatory talk or condemning remarks made toward, the Unit, any Unit member, their dependent(s) nor sponsored civilians.

J. All members will be responsible for the behavior and safety of themselves and their dependent(s).

K. Any member under the legal drinking age caught consuming alcohol can have their membership revoked after the company commander presents his case and receives approval of a majority of the Unit. This rule also applies to anyone who supplies alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age.


A. All members of the Unit will make a reasonable effort to attend the events scheduled for the course of the year.

B. All members will make a reasonable effort to attend all scheduled meetings both at and away from events.


A. All Unit members will galvanize Federal (123rd New York, Co. D) when and where deemed appropriate

B. All Unit members will bring Federal gear to all events. Exceptions will be made at events we are 100% sure we’ll be Confederate.


A. All revisions and amendments must be presented to the entire Unit, or majority of such, to be voted on and added or changed.

These By-Laws replace and supercede all previous for the Company.


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