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123rd NY Monument

The 123rd New York Infantry Monument
at the Resaca Battlefield in Resaca, Georgia

The 123rd New York Infantry Monument has now been placed on the Resaca Battlefield in Resaca, Georgia. The 123rd New York fought there on May 14-15, 1864. This is the very first monument to the regiment anywhere in the Western Theater of Operations. The monument is located on the Chitwood Farm section of the battlefield and is on land owned by the Georgia Trust for Public Lands. The monument is positioned about 15 feet off of the main road and about 200 yards directly in front of the wooded area where the 123rd New York were positioned during the fighting on May 15, 1864. This is the area that was between the Federal and Confederate earthwooks during the battle. We are very fortunate to be able to locate the monument at this position!

The monument is constructed of granite that was quarried in Elberton, Georgia. Much of the look-and-feel of the text was incorporated from the regiment's Gettysburg monument and we feel that it includes the information that the veterans felt was important to tell. Other aspects of the monument were designed after monuments located on the Chickamauga Battlefield. The monument is approximately 6.5 feet high with a base of 6 feet wide.

123rd NY Monument

Dedication Ceremony

The monument dedication and unveiling ceremony was held during the annual Battle of Resaca Reenactment on May 19, 2018. Guests from New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and of course, Georgia, attended the event.

123rd NY Monument

123rd New York Monument Dedication Ceremony

Saturday, May 19, 2018

5:00 p.m.

Chitwood Farm, Resaca, GA

Held during the annual Battle of Resaca Reenactment

Program Itinerary

  • Music by the GDRA Field Music
  • Welcome
  • Placement of the national and regimental colors at the monument
  • Prayer and opening remarks by Sgt. Kirk Strange, 28th Georgia / 123rd New York Reenactors
  • Remarks by Capt. Mike McHan, 28th Georgia / 123rd New York Reenactors
  • Remarks by Mr. Bob Farrell, 123rd NY Historian, Raleigh, N.C.
  • Remarks by Ms. Debi Craig, Washington County Historical Society, Fort Edward, N.Y.
  • Remarks by Mr. Jim Lafayette, American Legion Post 83, Whitehall, N.Y.
  • Uncovering of the 123rd New York monument
  • Keynote address by Mr. Al Cormier, Salem Civil War Committee, Salem, N.Y.
  • Poem read by Ms. Lisa Sherwood - with the GDRA Field Music
  • Placement of dirt from Washington County, New York at the monument base
  • Placement of a wreath at the monument
  • Honor volleys fired by the 28th Georgia / 123rd New York Reenactors
  • Playing of Taps
  • Closing Remarks
  • Music by the GDRA Field Music
  • Battlefield walking tour for VIP Guests
  • Dinner for VIP Guests at the Resaca Recreation Center

123rd NY Monument

The American Legion Post 83 Honor Guard from Whitehall, N.Y., at Present Arms during the ceremony.

123rd NY Monument

123rd New York historian Bob Farrell of Raliegh, N.C. saying a few words at the dedication ceremony.

123rd NY Monument

Ms. Debi Craig of the Washington County Historical Society saying a few words at the dedication ceremony.

123rd NY Monument

American Legion spokesperson Jim Lafayette saying a few words at the dedication ceremony.

123rd NY Monument

Speaker William "Al" Cormier of the Town of Salem Civil War Committee delivering the keynote address.

123rd NY Monument

Atlanta-based poet Lisa Sherwood reading the poem commissioned for the dedication ceremony.

123rd NY Monument

Members of the 28th GA / 123rd NY Civil War Reenactors and the American Legion Post 83 Honor Guard posing in front of the 123rd New York monument.

The following poem was commissioned for the 123rd New York monument dedication ceremony and read by the author during the event.

Honoring the 123rd New York

By Lyssa Aja

The slow drum of war began to beat within
Its undulating rhythm moving us into fields of sin
Mars the god of war stands in the distance dressed to kill
Waiting for ordinary men to bend to his will
His call is a whisper heard in the wind
That calls like a lover in its passion to begin
He asks for our sweat, our blood, our pain
He leads us to this arena for his infinite gain
We answer his call in the corridors of power
For the smell of war entices in its flower
Fort Ann, Dresden and Putnam became company D
Marching forward as solders immediately
Our first baptism in blood at Chancellorsville
Brothers missing, wounded and killed
And Stonewall Jackson shot in the night by a friendly fire mistake
A Confederate victory but his death left a darkened wake
Onward we marched to Gettysburg’s hills
Three days’ battle unleashed with no harbinger’s thrill
In Pickett’s Charge at Cemetery Ridge we heard their rebel cry
Cunning as an arrow they cut as we watched them die
We pursued Lee to Manassas’ gap then onward to Rappahannock
Then transferred to the Army of the Cumberland western theatre flag
Chattanooga, Tullahoma, Rocky Face Ridge
The Battle of Resaca to take the Oostanaula railroad bridge
We held an open field standing in the face of their charging line
We attacked behind the red stars from the opposite side
Answering their drive with a whirlwind of hot fire
In the breathless aftermath in the May sunlight
We crossed past the ghosts of the fallen final fight
Cassville, Dallas, Allatoona Hills,
Marietta, Kennesaw Mountain, Lost Mountain, Pine Hill,
Kolb’s Farm and Peachtree Creek,
On onward we moved towards Atlanta in the July heat
Atlanta the fair faced southern belle standing with a gun held in sway
As we twisted her rail lines taking her breath away
But General McPherson shot as he galloped to Confederate surprise
The price Sherman paid for his Atlanta prize
Bloody was the path fought through southern disdain and dissent
But their time was a clock whose hours had been spent
A stand at Griswoldville of Georgia militiamen fire
The raw rally of bravery would in its wake inspire
Our wave of destruction crashing with the waves of the Atlantic sea
Savannah for Christmas under the president’s tree
In the winter of 1865 a swath of destruction cut through Carolina states
Our storm on land would leave no mercy in its fate
Our message complete that the Union must be saved
And at all costs the Carolinas would pay
The Battle of Appomattox a final knife edge of defeat
Surrender imminent at the hands of our infantry
In a quiet parlor at Appomattox the winds of war ceased to blow
And weary victory walking its final steps turned to go
On a summer day on June 8 our career in triumph complete
Five campaigns fought and over 3000 miles under our feet
The memory of war forever parades in our dreams
Brothers surviving the war become veterans
Our letters from home marched with us through battlefield miles
Within them words written through tears and smiles
Our union of blood joined in the matrimony of war
A ceremony of infidelity between a country unable to settle a score
Our blood flows guiltless drowning the mountains, rivers and hills
For only in death will we be equal.


Resaca is located off of interstate I-75 approximately 40 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and 70 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. From I-75, take exit #320 (Lafayette, Georgia Hwy. 136), go east approximately 3/10 mile to US Hwy. 41. Turn left, go north approximately 3 miles, then turn right onto Chitwood Road (the area is well marked with event signs).

GPS coordinates for downtown Resaca, Georgia: N34°34.77918, W084°56.58426 or Latitude: 34.579653 Longitude: -84.943071

GPS coordinates for the Battle of Resaca Reenactment Registration Tent: N34°36.8298, W084°56.5698 or Latitude: 34.61383 Longitude: -84.94283

Monument Location

The 123rd New York Infantry Monument is located on the Chitwood Farm section of the Resaca Battlefield where the regiment fought.

Resaca Battlefield

The Chitwood Farm

The map from the Cival War Trust shows the Chitwood Farm section of the battlefield and the property currently owned by the Civil War Trust in blue. The rough location of Williams' 1st Division is also shown. The brigade order for Williams' Division on the map is incorrect, though, and should have been shown as Robinson on the left, Knipe in the middle, and Ruger on the right. The 123rd New York were in Knipe's brigade.

For those familar with the modern-day reenactment site, Ruger's Brigade streched from Melea Tennant's house over to the GDRA HQ hill. Knipe's Brigade stretched from the GDRA HQ hill over to the hill beyond the old artillery camp. The 5th Connecticut of Knipe's Brigade were posted along that hill and took heavy artillery fire. The 123rd NY were next to them on a ridge. Two regiments from Robinson's Brigade were sent to the left flank of Ruger's Brigade to help repel the Confederate attacks.

Resaca Battlefield

The ridge defended by the 123rd New York

This photo shows members of our Monument Committee standing on the ridge that the 123rd New York defended during the battle. The ridge is now heavily wooded and is not accessible to the vehicles needed to erect a monument there. In relation to the photo, the regiment was positioned on the right of the photo and facing to the left of the photo.

Resaca Battlefield

The field between the Union and Confederate lines

This is the field that the 123rd New York crossed the morning of May 16, 1864 to find the Confederate earthworks abandoned. The monument will be placed across the road on the far left of this photo. This will make it easily visible from the main road.

Resaca Battlefield

The Chitwood Farm

Here is a map showing the official monument location on the Chitwood Farm section of the battlefield.
Click here to see a closeup of the map: 123rd NY Monument Map Locations

Monument Installation

Resaca Battlefield

Pouring of the 123rd New York Monument Base on November 1, 2017

The foundation for the 123rd New York Monument was poured on November 1, 2017 by the Rome Monument Company. The installation of the monument is scheduled to take place in the next week or two.

Resaca Battlefield

Installation of the 123rd New York Monument on November 15, 2017

The installation of the 123rd New York Monument took place on November 15, 2017. The monument is now in place with the front of the monument facing the CSA earthworks - which is the same direction the regiment faced during the battle - and the back of the monument facing the Chitwood Road.


Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who made donations to the 123rd New York Monument Project! We could not have done this project without your help. The monument exists today because of your generosity.

In Honor of...

Some of our contributors made donations in honor of certain individuals. These honored individuals are listed here.

LCPL Squire "Skip" Wells, U.S. Marine Corps
Submitted by the Georgia Division Reenactors Association

Mr. Bob Farrell
Submitted by Jean Farrell and Peggy Chilton

Pvt. David Irwin, Company F, 123rd New York
Submitted by Judy Irwin Flagg

Pvt. Orville Clark Robinson, Company F, 123rd New York
Submitted by Dr. Stephen C. Law

Mr. Arch Craig
Submitted by Deborah A. Craig

Mr. George Casey
Submitted by Deborah A. Craig

Pvt. Elijah Baker, Company H, 123rd New York
Submitted by Edith E. Meikle

Pvt. Dyer Baldwin, Company G, 123rd New York
Submitted by Edith E. Meikle

Capt. Jerry Gunn, 28th Georgia / 123rd New York Reenactors
Submitted by Jerry Gunn's family

Pvt. Alexander Pratt, Company H, 123rd New York
Submitted by Bill Frazier

We thank you for your contributions to this project.


Our new book, Letters Home: The 123rd New York Infantry in the Atlanta Campaign, is now available. The book consists of letters and diary excerpts from the 123rd New York that were written during the Atlanta Campaign and the March to the Sea.

All book proceeds will now go entirely to local battlefield preservation efforts. To find out how to order a book, please click the following link:

The 123rd New York Book

Monument Committee

The 123rd New York Monument Committee was made up of the following volunteers:

Dennis Melville - Coordinator, Fundraising
Mike McHan - Treasurer, Fundraising
Jerry Holmes - Design, Location
Steve Toney - Design, Location
Ken Padgett - Battlefield Liaison
Bob Farrell - New York Liaison, Historical Consultant
Melea Tennant - Property Advisor, Dedication Coordinator

If you would like to contact the Monument Committee, please e-mail us at:



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